Knowledge, Leadership, and Experience


Knowledge, Leadership, and Experience to Develop, Manage, and Guide Innovative Solutions


Deep Domain Expertise

  • Software & Systems Engineering

    Probity provides our customers with expertise in AWS, Azure, and Cloud services, ETL, distributed and cluster-aware storage in Hadoop, Citrix, and virtual server environments. As a certified VMware solution provider, Probity also offers customers data mining and analytics, high speed infrastructure creation, and O & M for big data environments.

  • Cross Domain Solutions

    Our Cross Domain solutions experts have over 20 years of experience in one-way data transfer, enterprise-scale controlled interfaces, and malicious code detection, with multiple GOTS solutions deployed worldwide.

  • Content Analytics Division (CAD)

    Probity’s leading-edge Content Analytics Division (CAD) specializing in Human Language Technology offers GOTS products that feature automatic exploitation of entity extraction, topic clustering, and machine translation, with onboard triage tools for video, image, audio and text analysis.

  • Digital Forensics & Media Exploitation

    Probity has also developed Truxton, a revolutionary, automated forensics platform that is built to handle today’s Big Data challenges. Truxton was designed for multi-user, collaborative forensic environments to turn raw data into actionable information. Our Portable Forensics Lab (PFL) has redefined the capabilities and convenience of field acquisition of digital media.

Key Principles

These underlying principles serve as the foundation of our interactions and behaviors at Probity:

  • Focus on people
  • Innovation and differentiation
  • Clear and concise strategy
  • Frequent and relevant communications
  • Unwavering commitment to ethics and security excellence
  • Respect and trust
  • Mission success
  • Empowerment

At Probity, it’s about the people.

Our staff of cleared engineers, developers, SMEs, and administrative staff provide effective, mission-centric solutions to support today’s toughest secure intelligence challenges.