Human Language Technology

Probity’s Content Analytics Division (CAD) builds systems and applications that leverage state-of-the-art Human Language Technology (HLT) to provide content-based search of non-textual foreign-language media (e.g. audio and video).
Content metadata produced by our systems enable powerful media triage and alerting capabilities that allow scarce human resources to deal with the overwhelming volume, variety, and velocity of foreign language media that require human analysis.
CAD has close working relationships with leading HLT component providers from industry, academia, and Government. With these partners, CAD is driving advanced R&D for detection of Live-Speech, Language, Speaker, and Topic, as well as customizing Machine Translation (MT) technology for speech input.
CAD’s unique specialty is transitioning and adapting these advanced technologies from laboratory conditions to operational environments.

These are our current operational GOTS solutions:


Acacia is a simple intuitive tool  designed to assist linguists who summarize the contents of foreign-language audio

Acacia Triage Platform

The Acacia Triage Platform (ATP) employs Human Language Technology (HLT) for Audio Triage based on speech content