Secure Cross Domain and Data Diode Solutions

Probity takes a holistic approach when designing cross domain solutions for its customers. For us, it’s about the critical missions that depend on the data, not just transporting bits across a wire. Whether your requirement is for deep content inspection, speed, file size, file types, etc., our solutions aim to provide our mission partners with a broad range of services to include guaranteed transfer services and guard orchestration. Our solutions are guard agnostic, providing you with maximum flexibility.

In today’s complex world, CDS’ benefit from having an enabling system that resides on both sides of the guard. We’ve implemented such enabling systems for numerous customers, limiting points of entry to the network and providing a modular design that can be augmented to thwart new threats and enable new mission requirements.

At Probity, we understand the Raise the Bar (RTB) requirements and RAIN principles are best practices, not prescriptions for every CDS. Our architects, engineers and developers work with each mission partner to find the balance between implementing RTB/RAIN principles, mission partner requirements and funding availability. The framework we use to develop enabling capabilities is modular and uniquely streams data through the inspection process in memory, limiting exposure of data on disk. The framework is integrated with commercial and open source filtering and virus scanning products, but also includes deep content inspection capabilities of encoded content.

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Fastback is one of Probity’s commercial products, providing a low-cost high-speed one-way transfer (OWT) capability when data needs to be transferred from one network to another within a single security domain. Fastback is an economical solution that provides a physical protocol break when a full fledge cross domain solution is not required.