Secure Cross Domain and Data Diode Solutions

Our Cross Domain solutions experts have over 20 years of experience in one-way data transfer, enterprise-scale controlled interfaces, and malicious code detection, supporting multiple GOTS implementations deployed worldwide.

Data, Inspection, Transformation, and Orchestration (DITO) Framework

DITO is a GOTS framework developed by Probity to be the foundation of the next generation cross domain enabling capabilities. This modular framework is being used on multiple programs to extend Raise the Bar (RTB) guidelines and Redundant, Always-Invoked, Independent and Non-Bypassable (RAIN) principles beyond cross domain guard systems. DITO implements a unique approach to perform deep content file inspection and transformations based on data flow policies. Each file is processed as a stream of data in memory, reducing the risk of files being exposed on disk. In addition to integrating with commercial filtering software (e.g., Peraton’s PuriFile™ and Oracle’s Clean Content™) and virus scanners (e.g., McAfee™, ClamAV, Symantec™), some examples of DITO filtering are Base64 encoded deep content inspection within files and non-ASCII character replacement. DITO can detect encoded content, decode it and then inspect it for unallowable content, before re-encoding and continued processing. DITO is also guard agnostic so it can interface with various commercial/GOTS cross domain guard systems.


Fastback is one of Probity’s commercial products, providing a low-cost high-speed one-way transfer (OWT) capability when data needs to be transferred from one network to another within a single security domain. Fastback is an economical solution that provides a physical protocol break when a full fledge cross domain solution is not required.